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SQLite是一个进程内的库,实现了自给自足的、无服务器的、零配置的、事务性的 SQL 数据库引擎。它是一个零配置的数据库,这意味着与其他数据库一样,您不需要在系统中配置。


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Flask-SQLALchemy 是一个给你的应用添加 SQLALchemy 支持的 Flask 扩展。 它需要 SQLAlchemy 0.6 或更高的版本。它致力于简化在 Flask 中 SQLAlchemy 的 使用,提供了有用的默认值和额外的助手来更简单地完成日常任务

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TPO29 综合 - new

The reading passage focuses on the topic that edmontosaurus’ migration to south during cold winter seasons. The speaker deals with the same issue. However, she thinks that edmontosaurus had not migrated to south. In the lecture, she makes three specific points to support her idea.

First, even though the reading passage suggests that lack of food forces them to migrate, the lecture argues that edmontosaurus had abundant food in their habitat. This is because their habitat was wormer at that time and the favorable weather condition makes it perfect for plants to grow, which were food source of edmontosaurus. Even winter, there still have enough dead plants to feed.

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The past is never simply the past. It always has something to say to us; it tells us the paths to take and the paths not to take.    -    Pope Benedict
A child miseducated is a child lose  - John F. Kennedy
Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important - Bill Gates
Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.  -  Margaret Mead
The greatest danger in modern technology is not that machines begin to think like people, but the people will begin think like machines.  -  Albert Einstein
The world has changed far more in the past 100 years than in any other century in the history. The reason is not political or economical but technological - technologies that flowed directly from advances in basic science.  -  Stephen Hawking

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一般现在时:I make love with her everyday.
一般过去时:I made love with her yesterday.
一般将来时:I will make love with her tomorrow.
现在进行时:I am making love with her
过去进行时:I was making love with her at this time yesterday
将来进行时:I will be making love with her at this time tomorrow
现在完成时:I have made love with her by now.
过去完成时:I had made love with her before yesterday.
将来完成时:I will have made love with her by tomorrow.
现在完成进行时:I have been making love with her for two hours.
过去完成进行时:I had been making love with her for two hours when her husband came in.
将来完成进行时:I will have been making love with her for two hours when her husband wakes up tomorrow morning.

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  1. Some universities require student to take classes in many subjects. Other universities require students to specialize in one subject. Which is better?
  • Mind:  learning more than one subject at one time can expand students’ outlook, can let them see the big picture easily.( or the exploration of a wide range of subjects can expand students’ mind).

  • Effective : learning more subject at one time can save students time.

  • Employment: increase the employment chance of the students ( or understand a wide variety of subjects helps students find a job more easily after graduation).

  • Culture: studying subjects like music and painting deepens students’ understanding of art and culture in general.

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  1. 没有显示器。
  2. 路由器不能插网线,只能无线。
  3. 学校的网线直接插上去的话,没办法通过后台查询树莓派的IP。
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