TOEFL writing brain storm - Education

  1. Some universities require student to take classes in many subjects. Other universities require students to specialize in one subject. Which is better?
  • Mind:  learning more than one subject at one time can expand students’ outlook, can let them see the big picture easily.( or the exploration of a wide range of subjects can expand students’ mind).
  • Effective : learning more subject at one time can save students time.
  • Employment: increase the employment chance of the students ( or understand a wide variety of subjects helps students find a job more easily after graduation).
  • Culture: studying subjects like music and painting deepens students’ understanding of art and culture in general.


  • Culture: school should be a place which advocate multi-culture.
  • Right : students have right to dress in the way they like.
  • Safety: in some case, like a school trip, it is ok to require student dressed in specific way.


  • Tradition: students admire and respect their teacher more than friends, so they’re willing to effected more by their teacher.
  • Culture: learn things from one’s teacher has already became a culture.
  • *


  • Responsibility:  students who keeps his room clean usually more responsible than those who didn’t, so they are easy to success.
  • Trust: People who often clean and tidy will earn more trust, which makes them have more chance to success.



  • Mind : well education will make people care more about country issue.
  • Technology : education will rapid develop one country’s technology, which always the key factor of economical development.
  • Employment: education will create more eligible worker for the job market, another way to develop economy and upgrade national living stage.



  • Culture: it was the impotent part of the culture, so children should learn.
  • Enjoy: it will make children happy, attract them to school, interesting compare to math and physics.
  • Skill: makes sure students have the basic skill of understand art.

Without arts and music, boring study of basic knowledge tips the balance of children’s life.
Art and music open way to extra hobbies for children.
We cannot rule out the possibility that learning art and music may encourage those talented ones to give a full display of their potential.


  • Mind: it is very important for students to learn about the real working environment and what kind of skill what they will need in future.
  • Tenacity: doing part-time job is not easy, but it is rewarding, teach students how to manage time.
  • Money: also a good chance to earn some money and pay your own bills.

Part time jobs prepare students to be on track to step into society. Even though the money made from part time job cannot make you a for- tune, but at least contribute to some in- come. Part time jobs enrich daily life and tone down study stress.

论点:not all

  • Students who needn’t learn economy courses:
  • Why:
  • 让步:Students who need to learn economy: those who want to be leader of a team in college.

Course counts for nothing if there are no qualified teachers.

For some students, basic economics might be interesting or
look like a doodle(小菜一碟), but for others, it is totally an opposite story.

Economics asks for a strong background in math and a good understanding of social rules, yet for high school students, these required knowledge are thin on the

  • brain(微薄,不足).



  • High salary will be magnet to excellent teachers.
  • Teachers hard working deserve the high salary.
  • If they have no financial problem, they will free to improve them self, which lead to improvement in teaching.

High salary could turn schools to be magnets for excellent teachers.

Good teachers have a sharper incentive to stay in employment if they get well paid.

High salary is well worth teachers’ effort.

With high payment, teachers are able to financially support themselves for personal development through, for example, profesional training.

Should spend more on teaching.

  • Teaching is their priority and their responsibility.
  • Cultivate eligible students contributes more to the society.

I prefer to the one which will give me a better job in future.

  • The  reputation of professors are belong to professors and school, not me.
  • A better job will give me more income, which leads a comfortable life.
  • With a good job, I will get my own reputation.