TPO29 - 综合写作

TPO29 综合 - new

The reading passage focuses on the topic that edmontosaurus’ migration to south during cold winter seasons. The speaker deals with the same issue. However, she thinks that edmontosaurus had not migrated to south. In the lecture, she makes three specific points to support her idea.

First, even though the reading passage suggests that lack of food forces them to migrate, the lecture argues that edmontosaurus had abundant food in their habitat. This is because their habitat was wormer at that time and the favorable weather condition makes it perfect for plants to grow, which were food source of edmontosaurus. Even winter, there still have enough dead plants to feed.

Second, contrary to the statement in the reading passage that evidence about edmontosaurus’ herd lifestyle supports the idea that they migrate, the lecture believes that living in the herd can’t conclude that they migrate. Then she supports the point with the fact that many animals, such as speakers example, live in herds for external protection from larger predators. But they are not migrating. So living in herb can’t support the migration hypothesis.

Finally, the professor points out that young edmontosaurus can’t stand long trip whereas the reading claims that edmontosaurus physically able to make a long distance trip. The lecture confirms that this claim is specious when considering the new born and young edmontosaurus. They can’t survive without the protection of the herd.